KireiNa & Nia… stone, sky and natural glamour

KireiNa & Nia… stone, sky and natural glamour

Spontaneous… informally experimental… inspired.

It started with a simple request to create some captures of KireiNa’s new hairstyle at the time. It was a beautiful day so we decided to take full advantage by shooting the images at Arabia_Mountain, a knob hill that rests in the outskirts of metro Atlanta. KireiNa’s hair stylist, Nia, was proud of her work and wanted to create a few captures of her own so she met us out there as well. The day was pleasant, cloudy with a polite breeze, and as it progress the clouds became puffy and parted a little to show a bit of blue sky. And while we there [and as one picture led to another and then another...] we found ourselves coming up with various ideas. One of the ideas has already been seen here. Kirei Na… A dancer’s portrait.

It was also interesting seeing Kirei Na and Nia interact as well. Both of them inspired by the day, and I inspired by them, we all went on to create more images. These are my inspirations of the two of them. Hopefully we will see Nia’s images soon as well as more of Kirei Na and Nia.

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2 Responses to “KireiNa & Nia… stone, sky and natural glamour”

  1. [...] Nia, who brought her own camera [and whose shots I hope to show you at some point] caught the inspiration bug as she guided KireiNa beyond the simple head and shoulder to full on fashion fashion poses. KireiNa became inspired and decided to dance [which led to a collection of images that you can see by clicking HERE.] I became inspired and ended creating an earthSista image set [which can be seen by clicking HERE.] [...]

  2. Cecil says:

    Lovely captures. Kudos to the hair stylist; Kirei Na`s hair is on point!

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