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The Real Sex Ed

The 'REAL' Sex Ed from costello knight on Vimeo.

Tantra, sex magick, and sex rituals have become popular phrases in the New Age community, yet there is little understanding as to what these practices truly are. What exactly IS sex? Can sex be used to heal the body? How can sex be used to create an abundance of prosperity? Can a heightened sexual experience be cultivated? How do we manage our sexual energy without suppressing it?

Holistic healers and sacred sex practioners Chrysalis Sun and Shaman Hands will answer all of these questions. Come with an open mind and be prepared to deeply explore the art of sex.

THIS IS A COUPLES ONLY WORKSHOP. In order to maintain the integrity of the material being covered and keep the class size intimate, space will be limited to 11 slots (11 couples). Registration cost is per couple and includes attendance at all four sessions, lunch, and gift bag. Guests must attend all sessions. To register The Real Sex Ed-4 Part Workshop on Eventbrite

Lake by the Ocean

In an age of immediacy the idea of waiting sounds hopelessly outdated. But that said, there is something to be said about anticipation...

Maxwell has artfully managed to transfix music lovers for more than two decades, releasing 4 studio albums, all in his own time - all duly anointed as classics. Now, the Brooklyn-born soul legend returns with his 5th album, BlackSUMMERS’night, the long-awaited second installment of his trailblazing trilogy, a powerful reminder that great music really is about more than moving the twitter needle.

The first single, the stunning “Lake By The Ocean” kick-crosses diced-up drum grooves to the singer’s undulating sensuality. His legendary vocal nuances are even richer now, commanding our attention with less on blackSUMMERS’night, seductively shifting intonation and meaning as he reaches for more than just a reprise on the sequel; a master fully in charge of his instrument.

Maxwell's Lake by the Ocean is available on ITUNES, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play.

Around the Garden

Want spend thirty minutes in the Garden?

Often, we hear of conversations of inspiration with sistas about the Garden. Photographers are inspired by a sista’s presence and/or she is curious and inspired by the images in Pangea and this leads to discussions creating captures of afrosensual glamour, possibly as earthSistas. It takes a level of boldness to step in front of the camera, baring your natural beauty for the world to see. And such an action is not for everyone. But every woman should have the opportunity to explore her inner diva. Thirty Minutes in the Garden is a way to do that from an afrosensual perspective. CLICK on the images below to see sistas who already have and ask yourself: Would you want spend thirty minutes in the Garden?