1. the YOUNG LIONESS 10 years ago

    i always come to this blog and your website…so good seeing women that look like me photographed as the beautiful inhabitants of the earth they are

    thank you!!!

  2. Pangaea's Garden 10 years ago

    thank you Young Lioness. It may sound corny but your appreciation of the celebration makes it all worthwhile. Your words and captures of you should grace the Garden

  3. Being around “Culture-Bound” women with so much to offer fills a void that may have lacked in this everyday walk of life. The Garden is surrounded by other “Chocolate” bothers and Sisters with this amazing BURST of creativity. It’s only natural to love what they do with their hands and their minds. From Visual,Performing,and Musical Art that inspires the soul.It’s a breath of fresh air to see women and men cheering each other on and in aah by the “Natural” beauty they possess!LOVE THE GARDEN THAT YOU’RE IN!

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