The words of Timothy Ivy…

“In my day to day life I’m a photojournalist for various publications.
For 20+ years I’ve been privileged to tell local, national and international stories with my camera. I’ve been allowed into the lives of both famous and every day people.”

“In that time I’ve seen a lot of beauty and a lot of ugliness. As a way to counter-balance the ugliness I see through the lens, I engage in personal artistic projects that allow me to express more peace and beauty.”

“One such project in which I’m currently engaged is capturing the beauty of natural Black women. I’m interested in photographing women who celebrate their natural, raw beauty in an effort to show the grace and soul that such beauty represents.”
Welcome to the Garden, Timothy. Hope to see more of your beautiful captures on display. You can see more of his works here.
  1. Nashe' 10 years ago

    These are divine !

  2. Pangaea's Garden 10 years ago

    Timothy's works definitely live up to his name – Ivysion.

  3. Natty 10 years ago

    It is beautiful! It shows once more that woman need to embrace they're sexuality, sensuality and power all together. One does not eliminate the other. Love them
    *** Much love from Portugal

  4. Patrick Chappelle 9 years ago


  5. Sepia 9 years ago

    Fantastic images!

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