CoCo, a Makeup Artist / Natural Hair Stylist, has worked with some of the most profound designers, hair stylist and walked on runways around the world. She has appeared is Nationally recognized magazines were here makeup has been featured. And in her spare time CoCo loves to dance and teach others how to move and grove.

On the flip side..she has a medical back ground in Ophthalmology and Pharmacy and chooses to work in the field as a back up option. Right now, she is in business for herself and on a journey to awaken the minds of her people.
Being passionate about personal growth, wholeness and unity is the driving force of this EarthSista. She wants the world to understand that you can be sexy, versatile, empowered as well as educated when you are taking the natural journey.

“Be fabulous in your own skin as it is the canvas to our souls…”
-CoCo Licious

CoCo will be back with more for the Garden. In the meantime you can find her on MySpace and check out her work as a MakeUp Artist and Natural Hair Stylist at Paint by Coco. She plans to have her own website up soon.

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  1. Sepia 9 years ago

    I love her quote. She’s divarific! 🙂

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