captures on a bridge…

This young poet, hip hop rapper and student is on that path of self discovery. She is on the bridge. Searching for truths in balance, responsibility and creativity, Keyona studies marketing during the day, makes money as a loctician when she can and spits verse to music when she’s free. Raised on the west side of Baltimore, she, now, attends college at ClarkAtlanta.

Keyona is hardworking, innovative and creative. In her eyes you see her searching, doing what it takes to get to what’s next. Her future, though not sure, is filled to the brim with promise. Keyona is the one you don’t worry about. She’s the one who always steps up. Keyona is the one who is never afraid to cross the bridge.

Keyona inspires.
Keyona rap is fierce, belying her gentle nature. Check it out on her MySpace page.

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