So it seemed like the right time to relax a little and have our very first offline gathering…

A bunch of us checking out the our creations on the web!

Every time I meet with someone about the Project there’s never more than 4 people in room. Even though there have been so many who have expressed interests, provided provocative commentary, striking images and beautiful poetry, still we’ve always congregated in small groups here and there…

Tamara Natalie Madden – Artist and Photographer

Shay – A Potential EarthSista for the Garden

Clockwise from top left – Marlo-PG’s Model Coordinator, Tamara, Grace-Photographer and Painter, PrettyBlak-EarthSista in the Garden
Its my fault really. I am a shy person by nature (even though nobody believes it) and this started out as me wanting to create images and share thoughts on women of colour and their natural beauty. I like to talk a lot (which is why nobody thinks I am shy) so I really enjoyed finding out other thoughts, visions and perceptions on the subject. And while I know nearly everyone who has contributed thought and vision to the Project, it was still very exciting having so many of us in the same room.

Thrasher – Animator and Model, we tossed around a few ideas about an upcoming project in the Garden

Coco – an Upcoming EarthSista in the Garden

LeiCole – Poet and Editorial Contributor
I hope to do it again soon. I hope we can host or sponsor events that exalt Afrocentric beauty and sensuality offline the same we do it online: in the form celebration. I hope we get the chance to participate in offline events all over the country. Most of all, I hope we get the chance to have as much fun together offline as we do online.

John Washington Jr & friend – John is a talented photographer who provided his studio for the event

L-to-R: LeiCole, Nobella and Amber, tossing around ideas

Ernest McClendon, cartoonist working on a project for the Garden

Nobella and Amber

Andre and Omar-RepJA in the House!

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Great fun was had by all!
Personally, I’d love to meet each and every one of you.
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  1. Lisa C Writes 10 years ago

    Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time! Maybe I'll see you next time!

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