Recently I posted Hafees Byard’s images of an early morning stroll with ButtahFly and Hershey along a lakeside in Georgia. I was there shooting too and I thought I take a moment and share some of my captures as well.

The morning was a glorious miracle that reminded me what tend to take for granted, assuming it will be there tomorrow. I hope these images reflect how much I revel in the Grace bestowed upon us.

And I look forward to doing it again.

As an EarthSista, Hershey has made her presence felt in the Garden and ButtahFly is well on her way of doing the same. I hope you like the captures I created here.
  1. :::Renaissance Woman::: 10 years ago

    Nice shots! I especially love the first three!;)

  2. ChocolateOrchid 10 years ago

    These are beautiful shots. I'm especially lovin' the photos that give a nice view of the lake.

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