In the end its all about passion…

Maybe, to be more specific, its about the liberation of passions. For so many its not easy to express rage, faith extreme sadness or joy as they are motivated fires within us that we hide deeply inside so that no one else can touch them. And in the process we lose touch ourselves.

Recently, SepiaAngel collaborated with the EccentricSoul to create an intense set of striking captures. (Check them out by clicking here.) In her commentary on the experience she said, “It was about creating art through my emotions. I thought this would be a difficult feat because as a Scorpio, I tend to bottle everything inside. I know it’s rather unhealthy for my psyche. With Remy’s help, I took all of the guilt, the anger, the frustration, the desire, the hurt, the embarrassment, the depression and flipped it… Everything overwhelmed me so much to the point where I broke down and cried. It was then that I truly experienced my breakthrough.”

His images are hundreds of stories that provocatively reveal the inner turmoils that fuel our fires. The works are raw and drenched in light, shadow and color. Remy’s provocative captures lay bare to our naked emotions and there is no shame in it. Indeed its there to remind and inspire on the meaning of truly living.

The vision of the EccentricSoul elevates the real by capturing passion. And its says to me, ‘Live out loud, because its alright.’

HEY REMY!!! We look forward to seeing what you do next!


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  1. remy da`neil 12 years ago

    i am redefining afroerotizm …visually

  2. remy da`neil 12 years ago

    afroeroticizm… lol

  3. remy da`neil 12 years ago


  4. Eclectic Alexandria 12 years ago

    amazing, so personal

  5. Sepia 12 years ago

    Captured brilliantly…so glad that I’m a part of his vision. 🙂

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