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We had the great fortune of attending Zayd Malik’s Album Release Party for his sophomore project, The South iz New Afrika Vol. 2:: OUTLAWRBG in tha Flesh, at Cloud IX on saturday, and we would be remissed if we didn’t tell you how absolutelyCCCultural it was.

The building was filled with CCCreative Spirits including Mshairi, Ife Jie, Sa-Roc the MC, Shariese Nicole, Iras Levy, Guerilla Rebuplik, The Nalo Movement, The nefTUNES, Queen Nef, B.I.G. NEL, Malik Killiam, ATL Smasherz, Minister Server, Jah’Son, Mic Chambers, Ajah Afrika, Wishing Well Media and more!

What we loved most about it, was the CCCollective spirit that Zayd Malik brought to the album and its release. He and Nu Afrika ENT offered sponsorship space to businesses, organizations, and artists in the community on his flyer for the album release party. He also reached in to the CCCommunity and asked us for support with getting the word out about the party and project…CCCollective


Zayd Malik

With S.O.S. Productions, ATL Smasherz, Wishing Well Media, The CCCollective, The FTP Movement, Red Clay Music Group, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Guerilla Republik, Born Rebel ENT and many more local and national sponsors, the project, the album release party and the push behind the project went up in a major way.

How is that for CCCollective CCCreativity?

We think more artists should take this approach to presenting projects to the CCCommunity.

By getting the people involved we amplify and multiply the opportunities we’re presented with…CCCreative

We had a chance to listen to the album, and we can tell you that it is filled with Revolutionary Bangers including features from Nefertiti and the nefTUNES, B.I.G. NEL and the CCCollective CCClassic :: Akinyela…

CCC for yourself

CCCheck out Zayd Malik’s Newest Release on Nu Afrika ENT:: The South iz New Afrika Vol.2 :: OUTLAWRBG in the Flesh::

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