Greetings CCCreative One,

We hope you are well in your endeavors.

This is YOUR private invitation to
“Step 2 Da Mic and Join My
GarageBand CCCampaign.”

Download “For God’s Sake Instrumental w/ Hook” from the Gzustunes folder.

Gather Your Resources

  • Record your verse(s)
  • Paint your painting
  • Draw your sketch
  • Add your own sounds
  • Shoot a photo-poem
  • Write your poem, short story or essay
  • CCCoreograf your dance
  • Film your music video or short film
  • Suprise us!

Upload Files to Gzustunes Folder

  1. Upload Your MP3/M4V  (vocals & instrumental)
  2. Include Metadata and Contact Information in all entries
  3. Upload MP3 of your vocals (or sound additions) as a solo track.
  4. Other entries such as Microsoft Word Files, PDFs, JPGs, etc. should be uploaded to Gzustunes
  5. A description of Analog (Non-Digital) should be sent to The Creative Culture Collective before they can be entered emailing
  6. Please ccchoose a single medium, for this cccampaign.

Completed entries will be submitted for consideration in selections for the next Creative Culture Collective CCCompilation Album: FREE Hotsauce.

We ccchoose you because you are special!

Get ‘er done!

For Consideration, MP3’s must uploaded to Gzustunes folder on dropbox with complete metadata and contact information attached no later than, Saturday, August 4th, 2012 at 4 AM EST.

CCC Yourself As A Winner! We already do.

Love and CCCreative Power,


Aug. 8, 2012

Creative Culture Collective

Presents…WCCC Radio Episode 4.0 “Step 2 Da Mic”.

In this very special episode of WCCC Radio, the hosts of your favorite cccreative show, are talking spit and releasing cccreative entries from The Creative Culture Collective Presents…”Step to Da Mic and Join My Garageband CCCampaign”.

This private campaign is open to a group only known as “TheC”

After each entry is displayed on the program, listeners with SMS access will have the opportunity to text their vote (ccco-sign) for their favorite recording artist via nefTUNES MYXER by texting a unique cccode to 69937.

Artists may submit an unlimited number of mobile music songs and encourage listeners to ccco-sign.

CCCosigning is easy for listeners.

After each entry, the hosts will announce a unique cccode.

Listeners, ccchoose your favorite entry into “Step 2 Da Mic and Join My Garageband CCCampaign”, and ccco-sign by sending an SMS text of the unique artist code to 69937 (MYXER).

Once the SMS text message is recieved, you will receive an automatic mobile music download (ringtone) of your chosen artists version of “For God’s Sake” from “The Official Creative Culture Collective Compilation Volume 1: Music, Poetry, Power”.

Entrants may also give their listeners the opportunity to download extra the mobile music, ringtones, wallpaper, and videos entered into MYXER.

Additional downloads will be considered as additional ccco-signs.

Digital entries including music and video for individual artist MYXER cccampaigns should be uploaded in MP3 format, along with complete metadata to Gzustunes by August 4, 2012 at 4 AM, EST. Entries will appear, after this date, on MYXER, after approval to the MYXER server.

Listeners may ccco-sign as many artists as they like, as many times as they like by texting cccodes to 69937 (MYXER) until August 9, 2012 at 4 AM, EST. (3) Winners will be announced during the next episode of WCCC Radio.

Creative Culture Collective presents, “Step 2 Da Mic and Join My Garageband CCCampaign” starts July 11, 2012 at 12 PM, EST. Entries will accepted until August 4, 2012 at 4 AM, EST.

Winners receive the opportunity to their version of “For God’s Sake” by The CCCollective, along with their entire collection of works considered during the selection of works for “The Official Creative Culture Collective Compilation Volume 2: Free Hotsauce”.

WCCC Radio is a pre-recorded show that highlights the diverse cccategories of artistic expression within from the cccypher to the inner-circle.

This CCCreation was CCCo-signed by:


-nef, Inside The C-Lab Online Magazine :July 11, 2012-

CCCampaign for your spot on the next “Official Creative Culture Collective Compilation Album: Free Hotsauce”

CCCampaign Tips:

Use your resources and cccreative intuition to share links/ads/marketing messages/word of mouth with friends/self-created flyers/graphics or other methods anywhere you can think of in as many interesting ways as possible to gain CCCo-signs (votes) for your entry.


-Official Creative Culture Collective properties/ads/marketing messages posted online.

-Other People’s walls, status updates, events etc.

-150 random twitter mentions/direct messages per hour

-random tagging on FB

-spam Email messaging

-An cccampaign tattoo on one of your most enthusiastic fan’s silky smooth, uh,…shoulders…


+your own initiative to create

+your listeners

+your own marketing designs (visual and otherwise)

+making it a special experience for your audience

+the element of surprise

+the “real” (offline) world

+remember pen and paper?

Recommended Recording Studios:

OutlawRBG Productions:


Publik Transit Studios:

Use discretion as one of your best resources on top of your own wisdom and all the personality you possess.

Now, go create something…

When you share us on facebook and twitter:

@CreativeJuiceis on twitter #HotSauceSays

Tag Us On Facebook CCCollective

Have a question? Send us a line @

Nefertiti Akinyela

Decatur, Ga

Nefertiti and the nefTUNES is the International inspiration known as Revolution red & the world’s #1 Acoustic Gangsterism artist. Her songs blend Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rock, Jazz, and Soul into an enchanting fusion that is only exceeded by her natural gifts of stage presence and performance…the only thing to do is smile once you’ve been nefTUNED :). Order her ecclectic, exciting, and original album, Acoustic Gangsterism at

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