..On such a hot day i gave my all, made  steamy love to his camera, and he loved it, i laughed, roared, screamed,

gave him the “BITCH face* …etc etc, afterwards he treated me to another shoot, but i played hard to get for days.actually mths, i meannnnn you gotta let a photographer chase yo!! Have him wanting more of you, shit make him jealous, teaseeeeeee….let other photographers shoot you. Firecy Styles on a constant  run,  catch her while you can, well if she let you.
To Be Continued…

earthSista FURY


Styles is Furious!
As a photographer/actress/model/makeup artist, she is that woman who’s passion and creativity are so second nature to her that I don’t believe she knows how truly unique she is.

Upbeat, quirky and energetic, FURY was bold, exuberant and playful on the hot summer day of our shoot.

Against the stylistically deconstructed industrial backdrop of Atlanta’s Goat Farm Art Center, the young urbanista was in her element. Her fire was infectious and inspiring. Throughout this journey, I have seen so many different characters who appear to me to be women and men in search of inner validation with egos wrapped in blankets of swagger, attitude and pride. But with FURY there is something notably genuine about her spirit. Whatever she is fragile about, she doesn’t hide but she doesn’t wear it on her back either.

She’s real. And it’s beautiful.