BLACK AMERICANA: Volume One is the passion project of artist/scholar Tanisha L Pyron exploring relational dynamics between black men and black women at various points within the Black American historical timeline looking to quantify and establish what it took for one black man to love one black woman in the past and what it will take now to sustain love and communal connection and cast vision for generations to come.

The hope is to create a body of work that encourages healthy dynamics within the black nuclear family and helps us identify with the love that sustains us in our darkest moments and inspires us during our brightest. I pray the work expands our hearts and nurtures healthy expressions of communal love. The project includes contributions of notable visual artist of color selected by Ms. Pyron collaborating to expand and nuance the conversation around the legacy of Black Americans, exploring both the pain and pride in our collective stories. With Rob Woodcox behind the lens and multiple stories told using the same two subjects, project producer and visionary Tanisha L Pyron and Detroit based musician, activist, and cultural influencer Ayinde A. Fondren as the “black lovers” who meet at pivotal moments within black history and various meta moments within black consciousness. The project seeks to visually and creatively walk in the shoes of the ancestors in the hopes of experiencing and discovering “the love” over and over again.

 The Contributors: Tanisha L Pyron | Devan D. Dunson | David A. Geary
FOLLOW: model and visionary Tanisha L Pyron and BLACK AMERICANA @ model Devan D. Dunson @ photographer David A. Geary @

Tanisha Lynn Pyron (aka PRETTYFIRE) is an artist and a visual storyteller, currently working on her MFA in acting at the University of Illinois. The young artist considers herself to be a modern day griot willing to utilize any and all technology available to tell vibrant life giving stories. She has used her acting, dancing, directing and now photographer as modalities for making sure her creative vision and voice are seen, heard and felt. Her current project highlighted here in Pangea’s Garden is a year long photo journey chronicling her personal and creative development. In her own words Tanisha expresses,” I am intelligent enough to know that there are lots of pretty women in the world. Many prettier then me but none can duplicate that which emanates from within me. My voice, my light, my energy, the point of origin for my real beauty. My story is that which is uniquely mine it is what I seek to share with the universe through my art. When asked what she wants her work to do ” I think a certain amount of creative seduction happens with artists and the audience as we tend to find inspiration through that which is attractive within the humanity of those we collaborate with and the artist we love. So fall in love with my work so long as the love affair is expressed in the art we create and the stories we tell.” When asked why she decided to do a year long photo project about herself she said, “To me the art and the artist are one. As I seek to unlock and express what is contained in my own heart and spirit, the essence of me. The real woman I am today the art will speak to who it needs to and my vision and voice will vibrate on the highest and most powerful frequency MY TRUTH. For art mimics life and you can pour your soul into anything you do.”


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