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    What’s Your Medicine?

    “What’s your medicine? Not the kind you take But the kind you create Spiritually” from Separated by Chrysalis Sun Everyone is born with a unique gift, something that can...

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    pgp 390: dia de los muertos

    Day of the Dead: Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holiday that's celebrated in Mexico and parts of Central and...

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    pgp190: RepJA goes Naptually Rude

    by earthSista Kire Na RepJA could not have chosen a better set of models. The ladies and gentlemen of Pangea’s Garden were up early that Sunday morning...

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    pgp172: the beginnings of SoulLyric…

    Kirei Na's birthday was just a few days before the New Year, providing the perfect opportunity for a Pangea's Garden gathering. And what started...

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    pgp171: beautiful and kinky…part 2 of 2

    heritage's mark... revisiting the beauty of Trinette and the vision of Chi-Rue99. Trinette and Chi-Rue99 captures continue in this momentary homage to family. Along...

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