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Round Midnight, Sarafina Stirs…

Night time is the right time when those feelings and urges start to surface. During the day, there are enough distractions and obligations to...

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At Last – Part 2 of 2

Part two of an AfroerotiK romance (The second half of the is wonderful story is too intense for the general audience of followers; it is...

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At Last – Part 1 of 2

Part one of an AfroerotiK romance My entire relationship with Charles, what little there was of it, consisted of countless opportunities for emotional growth and...

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Stress Reducers Increase Quality of Life

by Scottie Lowe Stress is wreaking havoc on our lives. Marriage, children, threats of terror, and our daily 9-5 are causing us tension. Stress can...

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African Centered Sexuality

By Scottie Lowe TheAfrican-centered community is steeped in sexual dysfunction. For all of our efforts to rid ourselves of European cultural, social, and spiritual norms,...

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