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pgp331: Poetry- midnight blue

"...fantasies of my softness meeting his hardness as the moon aglow high in the sky..." his strong, gorgeous body was bathed in midnight blue mixed with the illuminating...

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CHD:WCK: To The Senses

To The Senses I want to tell gorgeous stories naturally enchanting narratives I want to create sensual beauty beauty that you can touch with your eyes follow the lines and hug...

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pgp324: Poetry- next lifetime

"just one time…i’d like to place my lips on your neck and sip/ from your scent like the finest wine/ in the world and don’t mind being/ intoxicated...

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pgp314: Artist Highlight- Patrick Marcelino: Talent Unlimited

If you look up the word, “multi-talented” in the dictionary, I’m sure you will find Patrick Marcelino’s smiling face right next to the entry....

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pgp 308: Operation Outer Fine: Sepia’s Week 5 of Insanity

"...before Insanity, I weighed in at 163 lbs. on a 5'7" frame after two kids and haven't done ANY type of exercise." Here's my recap...

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