pgp415: 30 minutes in the Garden with LUNA

Thirty Minutes in the Garden is a name that can be misleading. For example, it started out as an attempt to do a shoot...

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pgp 414: 2018 – A Year in Film for People Of Color

By Martel Sharpe | The Atlanta Voice Surprisingly, the year 2018 provided a diverse catalog of films, particularly for Black actors and audiences. “Black Panther”...

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WildOrchid and Simone … Hedo: Wet 1

They made each other wet. Bodies glistened with anticipation as they touched themselves while thoughts of the other held their attention. WildOrchid longed for Simone's...

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What was the original sin, really?

So I am on this promotional photoshoot for our event that is happening tomorrow and I have a pretty clear idea of what I...

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pgp410: Visions of The Afrocentric Pinup Girl

CLASSIC BLACK GIRL BEAUTY. A. CELEBRATION. A. REMIX. REDEFINING.  Classic Hollywood Style defusing it through an Afrocentric Beauty Aesthetic. That's the... mission statement... the brand of the...

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