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WGO? Dr. Umar Johnson’s full interview on SOS (Share Our Stories)

"Black people spend 2 Billion a year on Air Jordans, 4 Billion a year on liquor, 20 Billion a year in beauty products. Yet...

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a KinkySmoke interlude with PrinCessYEME and Tocara

“In the moments after an open and frank discussion I found myself inspired to push beyond my comfort zone. earthSista YEME had become my...

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Fashion fierce! Grace Bol in Harper’s Bazaar

Top model Grace Bol is styled by Patrick Mackie... in futuristic, chainmail-inspired fabrics  for modern-day warrior goddesses. Txema Yeste captures Grace in ‘Future Of Fashion...

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pgp424: Devine reflections of the Pint Size Nurse

DIVINE FEMININE If I could title 2019 anything, it would be Divine Feminine. I’ve spent this whole year tapping into what my divine feminine energy...

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pgp423: UdoU- Kwentonza’s moments of intimate self expression

"This specific set of images allowed me to play with light. Leaving some mystery through the shadows. As I looked back at the images,...

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Vincent Christie

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An Artist, a Designer, a Photographer and now a Blogger, I don’t know the word that describes what I do, but, I know I like to design content; I like to tell the story. I created the Garden to be a community that celebrates afrosensuality. I am on a journey that enriches me. I am never bored with the opportunities of creativity that are available to me now.




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