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pgp438: khilai-­ah’s Garden Life moment…

Hey my name is khilai-ah people who truly know me call me queen or goddess. Why? I believe I showcase and embody those characteristics...

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pgp437: AsmaraMaat… movements in ceremony

Ritual. For earthSista AsmaraMaat, movement is akin to sacrament. For the young dancer it is a discipline of personal motion that creates clarity and calmness...

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LeyeLotus… a moment of natural solitude

As the pandemic spread across the world, LeyeLotus sought to leave it all behind, if only for moments at a time. In her own...

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WGO? Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer at 43

Featured image above by Victoria Will/Invision/AP/Shutterstock Story compiled from the works of Ryan Pearson of The Associated Press, Daniel Villarreal of Newsweek and Wikipedia  Actor Chadwick...

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LOOKBOOK: A Goddess’ celebrations

I was asked if I considered my creations Afrocentric and my immediate response was 'at one time, yes.' I said that because, even though I still...

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Vincent Christie

Pangea's Gardener

An Artist, a Designer, a Photographer and now a Blogger, I don’t know the word that describes what I do, but, I know I like to design content; I like to tell the story. I created the Garden to be a community that celebrates afrosensuality. I am on a journey that enriches me. I am never bored with the opportunities of creativity that are available to me now.


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