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WGO? ‘Black’ or ‘African American?’

  By Stacy M. Brown | NNPA Newswire   In a recent televised commentary, Dr. Greg Carr, chair of Howard University’s Department of Afro-American Studies kick-started a...

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Lyric’s fire… a Garden interlude

Where there's smoke... there's Fire. LyricTheNudist...the way she moved, you would have thought she was the Mother of Dragons. The Hookah Angel moved seductively, as...

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Pangea’s Lookbook: Sun Goddess Jewelry’s stylings on earthSista AsmaraMaat

The overcast day made for a smooth diffused natural light over AsmaraMaat's first shoot in the Garden. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised when the...

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Smoke… moments in the Garden honoring National 420 Day…

Vincent A while back, Pangea's Fam had a smoke social at earthBrotha KING's house. For us a Smoke Social includes hookahs, weed, lights, colour, music,...

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PGTV: Trevor Noah keeps dropping knowledge in between scenes

BETWEEN THE SCENES - WHO SHOULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR REPARATIONS? Trevor responds to a provocative question about reparations by discussing the legacy of American slavery and...

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An Artist, a Designer, a Photographer and now a Blogger, I don’t know the word that describes what I do, but, I know I like to design content; I like to tell the story. I created the Garden to be a community that celebrates afrosensuality. I am on a journey that enriches me. I am never bored with the opportunities of creativity that are available to me now.

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