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Stormi Maya, a scrapbook, music videos and fake ass titties

An obscure image of an afro chick, built like a black Barbie with 'fake ass titties' came across Pangea's Twitter; one of the Afrosensuals*...

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Music & Muses goes behind the scenes at Pangea’s Shooters Lounge…

The Garden has been going through a lot of changes this year. But I guess that's always the way, right? A Garden should always...

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Pangea’s new studio, the Shooters Lounge and earthSistas in ‘His Shirt’…

We've been hosting a photography meet-up called Pangea's Shooters Lounge since April. It is the social shooting event that allows Pangea's photography community to...

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WGO? ‘Black’ or ‘African American?’

  By Stacy M. Brown | NNPA Newswire   In a recent televised commentary, Dr. Greg Carr, chair of Howard University’s Department of Afro-American Studies kick-started a...

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Lyric’s fire… a Garden interlude

Where there's smoke... there's Fire. LyricTheNudist...the way she moved, you would have thought she was the Mother of Dragons. The Hookah Angel moved seductively, as...

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Vincent Christie

Pangea's Gardener

An Artist, a Designer, a Photographer and now a Blogger, I don’t know the word that describes what I do, but, I know I like to design content; I like to tell the story. I created the Garden to be a community that celebrates afrosensuality. I am on a journey that enriches me. I am never bored with the opportunities of creativity that are available to me now.



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