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    The purpose of Pangea’s renovation is to cultivate more interaction in our Afrosensual community. This site is not one person vision so it should reflect the broad range of ideas that make up our circle. This redux of the site is designed to initiate an expansion that reflect what all of us believe should be here. It all a part of our effort to stay true to this being the nexus for all things afrosensual.

    So let’s talk. How do you like the changes and what do you think we should include as growth progresses?



    First off, I LOVE the new site! It’s beautiful!!! Secondly, I believe if we have more voices added to this platform that it’ll create a much broader ideal of what the Afrosensual aesthetic truly is. For instance, I love to see more of the Black Pin-up, AfroPunk, and Udou images. Our beauty is unlimited and broad, shouldn’t our Afrosensual be the same?


    I agree with you. This sight is both uplifing and much needed for us women of color. It is showing us in the best light we can be in right now! We should try to support each other more now more than ever. Im just sayin……



    I love the new site 🙂 It is BEAUTIFUL.

    I would love to know how I can post some of my poetry to the site, and would like to see a space for more poetry on a whole 🙂

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