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pgp270: Solanjel’s Awkward Moments episode 1

"That Awkward Moment When..." Episode 1 That Awkward Moment When...he can't seem to get the party started. Have you ever been in a situation  that made...

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pgp260: Solanjel’s Spotlite – Ashley Donald, photographer

Solanjel About three months ago, I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with one of my friends.  It was a perfect suggestion, seeing as...

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pgp230: See Jade Run

Jade is a serious athlete and a college junior who deals with her problems by running from them....literally. Hey everybody. Solangel here and I bet you didn't know...

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pgp221: Solanjel… a peaceful interlude

words by SolAngel I wanted to do something peaceful. I was inspired by a promo photo of Marsha Ambrosius for her new single ''I Hope...

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For Colored Girls…

“i usedta live in the world then i moved to HARLEM & my universe is now six blocks when i walked in the pacific i imagined waters ancient...

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