It was a hot and humid Sunday. Tall, old trees in a park in south Atlanta were the backdrop for blankets & barbecue, coolers and acoustic soul. The day started slow. It was the perfect day for music in a park and such events were happening elsewhere in the city. The Pangea’s Garden crew arrived on the scene following a morning photo shoot. They were met with others at Perkerson Park who brought chicken and drink and chips and we all chilled out listening and dancing and enjoying the day. The cops tried hassle us but we didn’t that get us. EVERYBODY had better things to do with their time. Those tall, old trees that I mentioned earlier shaded us and a brief light rain, cooled us off. The crowd started small and built steadily through the evening into a nice generational gathering. It was a perfect way to spend the day.

  1. Impy 10 years ago

    All these pics make me sorta mad that I missed out on attending.

  2. […] same location (Perkerson Park in the metro Atlanta area) as an event we attended earlier this year, the Stone Soul Picnic. The lush green canopy of trees was the perfect location for this extraordinary event. The crowd […]

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