Out in Pangea’s Garden, everything looks beautiful, but nothing comes to fruition without seeds of thought and vision.  A couple of weeks ago, the Pangea’s Garden team had a “drive-by” meeting of the minds at Octane…and by “drive-by,” I really do mean drive by, meet the minds, chat, hug, share a bit, and go home happy.   You can catch us at Octane every few weeks or so; it’s like our boardroom, but without the swivel chairs and stiff table rectangular table.   We really envision the Garden as a community of artists sharing and participating in art, so the organic way we come together feels so comfortable.  There was one person missing at that meeting, though.  YOU. But you don’t have to drive anywhere to contribute.  If there’s something you want to see grow or get planted in Pangea’s Garden, let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!

—- 6/15/2010, Tafakari

That “drive-by” meeting was a special moment to me. A few of us have cultivated the Garden from the beginning and its content has been and still is contributions from those who believe that the vision we expound is worthy of participation and support. Organically it grows upward, outward and with a conscious of its own. Fortunately, folks like Kire Na and Tafakari (who you may have heard of here) and Imperial and Yohance (who you may not have heard of yet) have all been instrumental in helping me (as Creative Director) and KingCliff (as Site Engineer) make what’s going on behind the scenes, make sense. It ain’t easy but its a LOT of FUN.

We implemented changes from that meeting (such as the image sets from the events we attend and are a part of and we’ve expanded the profile options so that you can interact with site and among yourselves more freely.) And we have more changes planned and they are coming very soon. But we need you.

We need your participation. We need your interaction. Check out our Groups. They need cultivation. And if you don’t see any groups that interest you there, CREATE A NEW ONE.  And invite your friends here on the site to join it with you.  And invite your friends who aren’t on the site to check out the Garden. Let them know what they are missing out on.  ADD A PROFILE PICTURE TO YOUR PROFILES. Lets see what you look like. And most importantly, let us know what you want see here. Let us know what you want to do here.

This is our community; our Garden. Lets cultivate it together…

——7/2/2010. Vincent

  1. vincent 13 years ago

    An anonymous comment was sent to my attention.

    She asked, “Can you put positive images of black heterosexual love on your site? There has been beautiful images of black lesbian intimacy represented there and I would love to see black men and women together, there as well.”

    Any thoughts people?

  2. Kirei Na 13 years ago

    In response to Vincent’s reposted question… I think adding that to the site would be splendid. I do not think our intentions at all were to promote lesbian intimacy though. It was Black beauty of Black women. The concepts just happened to have interaction of those Black beautiful women enjoying life-i.e. playing pool or the one of the dancers.

  3. PreTTi Boi 13 years ago

    a plus sized model section 🙂 especially plus sized women comfortable enough with their body to do nude/ semi-nude shoots.. could be quite empowering

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