by earthSista Kire Na

RepJA could not have chosen a better set of models. The ladies and gentlemen of Pangea’s Garden were up early that Sunday morning in June to grace the internationally expressed fashions of RepJA! This vibrant and colorfully cultivated and edgy clothing line blends into its style the language, music, and dances of Jamaica with an American twist.  The models were up for the task of showcasing the Pangea’s Garden natural essence, while accentuating RepJA’s Caribbean flair in fashion.

RepJA is young, hip, and up-to-date, yet speaks to the tastes of fashion lovers. Spanning across several countries, RepJA clothing is accessible and affordable.  The online store, blogs, photos, and media links with music for download, offers you a colorful collaboration of their style and charisma.

So, just as the sun was beginning to settle in the morning sky over Atlantic Station’s historic Millennium Gate, the Pangea’s Garden models began their RepJA mission. Sporting t-shirts with sayings such as “Original RudeGirl”, “Skip To My Lou”, and “Girls Dem Sugar”, the models laughed, jumped, posed, and danced their way into gaining some great shots that embodied the high energy and vibrant life of the RepJA clothing line and lifestyle.