by Vincent

Do you all know who Tara Baker is? Hell, do you know who SuperFly is?

Tara Baker has been a friend of mine as well as an avid Gardner for a while now. She is a Crochet Fashion Artist whose designs have graced the Garden off and on over the past year. A lover of technology, she’s also been behind the scenes at some of the shoots creating video of various happenings. And while Tara’s also a fabulous jewelry designer, her crochet was the first inspiration that caught my attention. The 6-foot-plus, loc’d, amazon is an obvious presence in any group situation but her soft-spoken, light-hearted nature belies that impressive figure. She is a true artist who, like Badu, can be sensitive about her shit.

A little while back, I saw this video that she created and loved it. I had to share it. And I had to share a little bit (just a little bit) of Tara’s creative genius.

Is she trippin’ or what?

A couple of looks and a few words from Tara herself…

Hey, and make sure to check out her website!

  1. Sepia 9 years ago

    That was awesome…loved it! Go Tara!

  2. Azmera HarvestGirl 9 years ago

    i love da pictures..
    Hey vince.. wha gwan fa di harvest girl.. u change ur mind huh?

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