Maurice Evans

I have a series of paintings called the “Water Bearers”. These paintings were inspired by African women. One day, I was looking through my bedroom window and notice two African women dressed in traditional clothing. They were carrying loads of clothes on top of their heads. With their hips swaying from side to side, I watched as they balanced with perfection these heavy loads. Even with all the weight on top of their heads they still managed to look regal, beautiful, and graceful as they walked and talked to each other  heading to their destination …. which was obviously the laundry room. For a moment It looked like a scene right out of Africa except we were in Atlanta, Georgia at an apartment complex.

For me, it was the perfect metaphor. It is women,wives, and mothers that really carry most of the weight of society. The “Water Bearer” series is a tribute to the strength and beauty that women possess.

The “Water Bearers” are long, elegant, regal, and fashionable. I paint them with long dresses, big ear rings, and big bangles. I thought it would be cool to make some real bangles that looked like the ones in my paintings.

earthSistas SHE & MoEss

Love The Hand Carved, Hand Painted, One of A Kind Wood Bangles and Moebanga Boxes of Moebanga!

If You Are In The Atlanta Area, Check out the Holiday Trunk Show of Moebanga

  1. Kirei Na 10 years ago

    MoEss is soooooo beautiful!!! Absolutely wonderful model to show off these great accessories!!

  2. Impy 10 years ago

    gorgeous accessories…i must have them

  3. Azmera HarvestGirl 10 years ago

    oh i love it!! i gotta get up with Moebanga!!!

  4. Cindy your MoreEssence 10 years ago

    I am so bless to have worked with Maurice. He’s an awesome spirit that you can’t help BUT to understand. I greatly appreciate the compliments but with great direction of Vincent and Maurice, I was able to fulfill my role at this shoot! Touching and being so close to these works of art called Moebanga,you can’t help but to want to purchase them. Much Love Peace!!

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