With all of the cold weather ravaging the country over the past month, now seemed to be a good time to remember a summer gone by. In a daylight stroll of a small river in Georgia, COCO posed for a “swimsuit edition” style shoot in the waters and on the man-made beach along the edge of the waters. Sun, sand and stream complemented the beautiful earthSista in her colorful two-piece suit. Families frolicked in the waters around us, watching us curiously, wondering what our next move would be. But we were oblivious. I was inspired by my muse and she enjoyed the camera and the rush of the river. But the shoot was brief, the moment, fleeting. However, we weren’t done. In the light of that day, we strolled by a river… later that night, we strolled by the lake. But that… is another story.

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  1. Sepia 10 years ago

    Great images. I love Coco’s look!

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