Mainstream would have you believe there isn’t beauty in us all —
it’s time to change the mainstream.

I am Abigail Ekue

I’m here to create art; sexy art, thought-provoking art, let’s-talk-about-that art, double-take-inducing art.

I finally bought a pair of pasties this week. They’re called “French Titties“. I purchased them at SHAG–they had a holiday party for family and friends.

I flipped through all the packets of pasties like a playing cards, holding some of them up to my chest (would they provide adequate coverage?) or against my skin (would any of the colors complement or clash with my skin tone?). Then I found a B&W pair. Money!

I’d love to do burlesque. Maybe not for a career but I’d like to do a performance. I really enjoy watching burlesque. I think it’s very sexy. A good show provides laughs and titillation. I’m most familiar with Brown Girls Burlesque and now they have a Broad Squad Institute. When I’m ready, I’ll contact them and I’ll be sure to invite all you to my graduation.

I had to see how the pasties would look on me and of course take some photos. I did a test shoot yesterday and had a lot of fun. Music was blasting, tassels were twirling and there were lots of bloopers. Beautiful bloopers. My arm is a little sore from tossing my weights around and the pigtails are down now. I have an idea of what my next shoot will be. Either I’ll shoot it myself in a different environment or I’ll work with a photographer. Any takers?

Abigail Ekue is a freelance writer specializing in health, fitness and nutrition. She possesses a BS in Sport Sciences and is a NATA certified Athletic Trainer. Born and raised in New York City, there’s no denying that there’s something about this city that just fuels her imagination. Her fiction includes novel writing, screenplays, short stories and eroticaAbigail’s short story collection, The Darker Side of Lust, was published in December 2009. Random Musings is where you can find many of Abigail’s personal essays and social commentaries.
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  1. remy da`neil 9 years ago

    the same wonderment that joesphine baker manifested, intrigued…

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