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a gifted young voice that makes the mind wander, “How do she know about that”?

Well, it’s easy to get it confused by her age but don’t second guess her insight. The Point of View for her verse and prose is merely an outlook of an “On the Other Hand” perspective, providing us with a deeper and poetic interpretation on the reality of the situation.

StarClark is a “Real Life”, “Straight Talk” young poet that writes about the things she has experienced. The young poetess is on a journey of creative self-exploration through prose and verse and I am honored that she wants share her travels with us. So be prepared to revel in the Happiness & Pain, Struggle & Jubilance that are characteristic of her poetry as it graces the Garden in the weeks to come. WARNING: You may find yourself emotionally involved in the relationship you have with these mercurial expressions. I dare you to let her evolve into that “SHE” is destined to be.
(Some words inspired by SHE_Evolution)


  1. Author

    So Star Clark is amazing- ‘Nuff Said!

  2. PassionPoet 6 years ago

    This poem is AWESOME….. Beautiful ….Love it!

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