SHE is devoted to her daughter, her work, her clients, her lover, family and friends.  SHE thrives on passion and purpose and is inspired by the success and excitement of others.  But as my life has become full of so many beautiful people and things, many times SHE will forget about herself.  I am sure many can relate to the life of “people to see and things to do”.  It sometimes becomes a race and in order to win the race daily; care, love and appreciation for self is the first thing we seem to reprioritize.

I know my limit, which is why I needed to take some SHE time to connect with myself and refocus on what is the guide to my existence, which is my heart, only to come to the realization that SHE must love herself first.  I am passionate about people, connections, relationships and seeing others succeed.  I am motivated by my determination to create a beautiful life for my daughter filled with experiences that will hopefully support her in creating a broad perception of herself and her world.  BIG dreams and personal expectations of overachievement and service to others never fail to lead to burnout because SHE forgot about herself at the end of the day.

My daughter is my life and when I discount myself, I am teaching her to do the same.  When I fail to take the time to breath, her perception will mirror my life.  This is a journey that many of us choose to take, and wonder why we end up at our breaking points.  In order to create strong children and families and to build a healthy society as a whole, we have to learn to love ourselves first.  This is the key to the balance that drives our commitment to individual spirituality, our path of prosperity, self-worth and total well-being.  Our commitment to ourselves has us connected to our individual paths and living the lives of our dreams and not the desires of everyone else.  It is what gives us peace and creates positive relationships, connections and communication with others.

We are all moved and inspired by various things, but my source of connection with myself was in a drive through an unfamiliar countryside, leaving me with nothing but my thoughts and wonder of what would appear around each corner.  It was through a trip to the beach to see an endless sea of blue and to hear nothing but the waves.  It was topped with a reconnection to my love for my body and the strength and endurance that I forget SHE had through a long run over the bridges and along the riverside.  Those were the moments that brought me back to home and to recharge my love, appreciation and necessity for constant self-care because SHE is worth it.  To be a light, to be successful and to be the person you are meant to be does not require that you forget about taking care of yourself.  30 days of loving yourself first is all it will take.  SHE guarantees that you will create even greater results in your life and the things and people that matter most.  Take the challenge.

The Evolution of SHE is about where WE are going.  SHE is free and ever changing.  Her path is OUR journey to share and is about the discovery of our true selves as we embrace the elements of inspiration that surround us.  Whether through music, art, fashion, people, personal reflections or life experiences; there are messages that create our life stories.

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  1. Tyrone Cunningham 9 years ago

    This is so true. I noticed when my children ( all girls ) were growing up my wife’s concern was for everybody else. Now that they are grown, SHE, is rediscovering herself, pursuing her passion gardening and enjoying life.

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