The Chocolate Obsession is a musical and cultural social experience that is conducted on the first Saturday of every month in Metro Atlanta. Created from the union of Divine Elements and Lemillions Entertainment, the Chocolate Obsession is a collection of artists, dee jays and event planners who have a common love for spoken word, Neo-soul, and rhythm & blues.

The three Original Queens keep it real in part two of their recent visit to the event. The For Real Tho! earthSistas  work with KingCliff and Grey to give us a fantastic show. And while checking out this episode, put it on your calendar to come out to the Chocolate Obsession next event on April 2nd!

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  1. So I’m deciding to tone my voice DOWN!! I’m always loud, and that’s only because I get so excited and we’re always around music that’s screaming in my ear!!!I don’t want to be Monique from the Monique Show who’s always loud as hell!! Ha Ha (I’m just keeping it real- For Real Tho’

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