Artistic. Creative. Beautiful. Influential. Sexy. Ambitious. Talented. Fearless.

In front of the camera, B. Breezy is that fashion diva that demands attention. And there is absolutely nothing you can do but to give. Petite and demure up close but positive, explosive and daring is what she brings to the shoot and gives to the camera. She doesn’t hold back because she doesn’t have to. Her passion is fashion photography and every efforts she makes is designed to create that provocative image that takes your experience of it to the next level. Whether she is behind or in front of the camera, B Breezy always pushes herself, creatively to outdo what she had done before.

The consummate professional, B Breezy is a spokesmodel, photographer and makeup artist. In person she will tell you shy and prefers her privacy.  But she loves sharing what she knows about photography, business and the modeling industry and often offers words of advice and encouragement to those aspiring to step in from the camera.

Artistic. Creative. Beautiful. Influential. Sexy. Ambitious. Talented. Fearless.
She is all those things, yes. And she is one more.


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  1. jamil harvey 7 years ago

    Every fresh ! I like your work excellent lighting, excellent posture, very good semitary. Extremely professional. Oh let us not forget the make-up. It flowed with your semitary. Outstanding work. Please do more.

    Keep up the good work


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