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When we spoke with Co-Owner & Operator of House of Blended Ink (Hobi), Tamarah Jones aka SHE, she spoke with us about her and her partner, Ramon Taylor’s, vision for HOBI as a “home for artists” where the creative can have a professional ends to their artwork. And by ends we means* making funds to fuel the motivation and desire we have to create. SHE’s our kind of people.

House of Blended Ink carries creations from some of our Creative Culture Collective friends like Amore Kreative, Asante Wa Designs, Essential Essence, Luxor Coutoure & Imperfectly ME. Everything is hand-made from the art to soaps and jewelry, fashion-forward clothing by in-house stylist Yadiyda, candles, lotions, purses, oils and everything in between.

“After sleepless nights and wondering what other artists are doing, HOBI was created from a late night conversation. Days later emails were running and ideas popping. Months passed and a community was created to showcase artist wanting to share their work with the world. Many styles, mediums and techniques are now available for others to use, respect and admire. Art is all about breaking the rules and living outside the box created by mainstream society. HOBI not only supports the lifestyle, but looks for more ways to over stand any boundaries placed on our lives, with what we call ART.” – Ramon Taylor, Co-Owner

“The House of Blended Ink is home for exclusive artists, bringing unique styles, designs and forms of expression to art lovers. It’s our vision to promote and support various local visual and performing artists and designers, provide an artistic space for the community to enjoy and appreciate Atlanta’s talent, and introduce innovative art and designs to artists as well as ART lovers.

Welcome To House of Blended Ink

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