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pgp284: Makeda 2012…The Left Handed Path and The Dark Goddess

By Makeda Voletta

This is a 12 month calendar featuring a collection of fine art collaborations between myself and a variety of amazing photographers.

All of the images are raw. No touch ups. I seek to bring the wisdom of the Dark Moon Goddess, the Sun Goddess, Bee Priestesses, and all of the Powerful Amazons who come before me. I walk with the power of my ancestors. It’s all about being true and free. Nothing else matters at the end of the day.

Featured Photographers: Jan – Ondre Hunt, Philly Feb – Ron Ceasar, Washington, DC/Baltimore March – Andy C. and Irina Sarnetskaya, NYC (from left to right) April – Vincent Christire, Atlanta May – Irina Sarnetskaya, NYC June – Ondre Hunt, Philly and Frank, Bronx, NYC (from left to right) July – Joe Wesley, Miami August – Ondre Hunt, Philly September – Ron Ceasar, Washington, DC/Baltimore October – Andy C., Washington, DC November – Ifoma Stubbs, Detroit, MI December – J. Mosely, Philly

Reviews on her previous calendars:

“This large and richly designed calendar is a work of art. A combination of beautiful landscapes, creative photography, and lovely words and images makes checking the days, weeks, and months a sensual experience. It’s a sophisticated presentation of a strong, attractive woman, who also displays her philosophical and spiritual sensibilities from the first page to the last.

If a beautiful female form, nude and semi-nude, in lush settings and creative poses are all you desire, you can enjoy this work on a more primal level. Dig a bit deeper, though, and you may learn a thing or two about love and sex, the Tao, and the power of women. At its core this calendar celebrates its creator, producer, and model, Makeda Voletta in a most desirable way. She invites you to experience physicality and movement, relaxation and passion, while displaying her strength and unique brand of femininity throughout.”

“Sensual Warrior Calendar-
This calendar went above and beyond any preconceived notions I had from the preview. Contained within is a gorgeous feast of words and imagery in honor of our Mother Earth (and the female form) that hums with feral sensuality, each picture possessing a raw physicality that crackles with vibrancy right off the page.”

“‘Queen of queens’ Sensual Warrior is beatiful work of art and a daily source of enlightenment for me. It satisfy my thirst for knowledge of our ancestors and my love of the Queen Goddezz, Makeda.”

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