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Archives / 2012 / November / 21

Huntli Images and The Colours of Chocolate

“the intention of an image has always been to capture a model’s unique qualities, beauty and form” Jay Huntli has two primary motivations for his photography: 1) to capture a womans beauty and uniqueness and 2) to hone his skills by experimenting with technique, lighting, and poses. From an early age, he says he was drawn to photographing people. He recalls creating captures of h...

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pgp305: Operation Outer Fine: Sepia’s 60 Days of Insanity

“My soft mommy belly showed itself relentlessly along with back fat that I’d developed from gaining weight over the last few months.” This past September, I was getting ready to go out to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  I found my favorite red-orange dress in my closet along with my leopard print-heels.  I tried on the dress and noticed that my belly poked out a bit more t...

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