The breeze was light but it was there. Like a rare whisper, it was just a hint on a hot summer day. Adornment artist Zeus DeShaman joined earthSista Raine for a leisurely stroll in Pangea’s secret garden. The day was pleasant and perfect for a playful serenade between the two of them. A breeze whispered while Raine laughingly played and posed with the drum Zeus brought. And yet with all of the tomfoolery the wise earthSista still carried herself like a queen. She can’t help it.

What else do you do when clouds in the sky swirl in formation in your presence?

Raine just rolled with it. More than that she reveled in it. It’s the only way to enjoy the serenity of the secret Garden. When she put down the drum and took it all in the earthSista… exhaled and smiled. She went for a light walk and took another moment to survey the lake before she rested her head.

End of part one… Stay tuned for part 2 – the lake.