How do you cradle tears and happiness in trembling hands?

How do you remain vigilant when you have to rush and then wait to come back home?

Do you let the sand flow between the fingers and fall? 

Do you cling to the grains and hope they stay in your palms?

Saying goodbye and watching you go while knowing you’ll be back is still hard.

Clinging onto your remainders, willing myself to be patient and not cry, are hard projects that keep the knots in my hands tight. Patience is the virtue I find elusive the more I see you. I want to walk off this bridge and meet you in the deep. But I’ll wait for you and our time and these visits will grow harder to leave. 

I’ll sigh into your spot on my bed and will you to appear. I’ll steal your hairs and burn them into my lungs. I’ll use the linens you left. I’ll drink from your cups. Ill inhale the lingering scent of your scalp on these pillows and this hat. 

You melt me into scalding liquid ochre. I yearn for you. But life says I must rush and wait still. 

For now and for sanity I have to linger between encounters until we can be one in one for life…

-earthSista Phoenyx


I only love waking up when you’re right next to me! I miss my love so much and this has been the longest period we have been apart! Long distance relationship truly challenges me to all sorts of shit to the next level… but we try to stay positive and take this as a way to learn individually and together too. I knew it wasn’t for me because I tried it and failed and told myself NEVER to do it again and then I met this amazing human here, and… here we are!

-photographer Crazyraisinbuns



The Afrosensual Aesthetic is the GardenVoice that pushes the limits and deepens the perspective. It is still be done from a position of respect, pride and joy, but here we will be able to explore themes that don’t quite fit within the earthSista box. Its is a place for the sensual lovermakers and the premium cultivators. Check it out and share your thoughts and ideas and passions.


Pangea’s Nature Stroll Series… The moments are unique and timeless. There is a symphony of scents and sounds as well as visions that intertwine to create and extraordinary body of stimuli. When you are there, you can’t help but be inspired by God’s design. this was the backdrop for the beautiful women who have all taken part in this extraordinary rich series of images that are still never ending. Momentary strolls that were reflective, imaginative, provocative and creative led to some revealing moments in which beauty both inside and out was exposed.



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