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Sunset’s Soundcheck: Mixed Bag

Bag Lady... You gon' hurt yo back... Draggin all them songs like that. Fine! I guess I'll share the audio love. Here is a...

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Sunset’s Soundcheck: Durand Bernarr – THE Voice

Durand Bernarr. Etch the name into your memory. I first wrote about him here (shoutout to eclectic alexandria - I discovered him through her tumblr),...

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Sunset’s Soundcheck – More Mar

Hey music lovers, So last go-round, I dropped a gem by Anthony Valadez featuring Mar. And then I realized, y'all need to know 'bout Mar....

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Sunset’s Soundcheck: Teresajenee

I'm always satisfied when I go digging through the digital crates, but sometimes I encounter something that completely catches me by surprise. Teresajenee's stellar...

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Sunset’s Soundcheck – Mellow Mishmash

Hey, y'all!* This one is a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, with a smooth groove for your easy summer...

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