Nobella’s talent has cultivated the Garden since the beginning. Indeed, she styled and adorned three of the first four EarthSistas and her vision as an Artist has heavily influenced the look, the feel, the very essence of the Garden. She is one of Pangea’s visionary seeds.

A child of the Big Easy, Patricia Nobella claims, ” I came out of the womb painting.” It was as innate to her as breathing and she envisioned no other path for her in life other than one that flowed through the aesthetic of colors, textures, and even precious metals. Patricia demonstrates a passion for art by depicting the world around her in creative and colorful ways. She started doing local art shows in the city of New Orleans where she sold most of her work. Later she received training at Southern Univerty of New Orleans and later went on to Tulane University to continue her training in the arts. In the year 2000 she started making jewelery and that became her bread and butter. Now living in Atlanta’s historic West End where she continues to paint and make exquisite jewelry, she even incorporating her jewelry into her paintings. Her works are displayed in cafes, restaurants and private homes.

In the roll of Style Director for the Pangea’s Garden, Nobella created jewelry, selected fashions and assisted in staging several of the initial image sets we created. When her work as an artist started making increasing demands on her time she had to step away from that roll but she was always close by, providing support and guidance. Recently I asked her if she could fit the Garden into her various endeavors once again and she, happily agreed. We recently did an image set of Violet, a new EarthSista whose images are coming soon. And I’ve included outtakes from that set along with images of her collection. Enjoy!