Sitting at the front desk before last week’s Take a Load Off Tuesday show felt like a prime time spot to catch the Who’s Who of the Atlanta poetry scene.  The incomparable Queen Sheba graced the inaugural stage at our new venue, Studio Clout (shout out to PhysiqueAE1 and Vincent for the connection!) and surprised everybody with a rock song.  Blackchicksrock!  By the way, if you haven’t been to Studio Clout, which also doubles as an art gallery/ jewelry store/sketching school, you need to stop by and be amazed.  Poetry never felt so grown and sexy sitting up between statues and paintings, for real.

Theresa Davis and Atlanta’s own Art Amok slam team came through– literally on their way to Nationals–with some fire pieces that left us thinking and snapping.  And finally, the belle of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, Georgia Me, performed one of her signature poems, “I’m From ATL,” and left this Florida transplant wishing that I was from ATL, too.

The next Take a Load Off Tuesday is August 17,

and we’ve invited Queen Sheba to come back

and serenade us, dope-poet us, and pretty

much leave us with our mouths hanging

open.  Come out and get jazzed up!


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