Eclectic Alexandria

Expression is my strong suit. My heart’s desire is to be understood. I have been described by a close associate as a renaissance woman. I wear many hats and many names. So my nature is complex and cosmopolitan. My music tastes reflect that. And since I feel that Pangea represents me, its soundtrack is my soundtrack. I hope you dig my choices.

This one is for the lovers…

I love this man. I was extremely surprised when I found out that he was of a much lighter hue lol. What do you think? This is the unplugged version.

This song is so good it calms my cousin’s usually rowdy children (2,4,5 year olds). I noticed that as soon as I click play for the video the girls crowd me and their eyes never turn from the screen. I love this song, because it is a coming of age tale that I closely identify with. Hope you enjoy.


In the Pangea’s Garden Project, My Pangea SoundCheck is new and features a collection of your selections for the Pangea Soundtrack.  Eclectic Alexandria is the first to pick a few tracks that she felt represented her flavor in the Garden. What about you. I’ve seen a few tunes from some of you but we need more to make them heard. Check out the PGP Group Soundcheck or send me us an email at

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  1. Morgana 8 years ago

    This music I love and live everyday so thank you for sharing.

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