Coming this week in the Garden…

earthSista Nfinite makes her debuts in a new set of images in the earthSista gallery. Meanwhile, in her preparations for the new year and the changes that come with it, earthSista PhysiqueAE1, after taking time for self, reveals an important change for her future in the Garden.

Solangel shares her pensive captures on a rooftop in the Garden this week as well. The idea for these upcoming captures were hers; and they are only the beginning. And speaking of creating your own captures…what would be YOUR Afrosensual portrait? We will begin to explore that in our UdoU series this week as well.

Tonight, however, another sista’s exploration with crochet and buttah. ISIS, takes a moment to caress her beautiful dark skin in shay. The crochet adornment is courtesy of Hands Create Texture in the Crochet Fashion Gallery.

  1. Kirei Na 10 years ago

    Loooove this!!!! Beautiful model and captures.

  2. remy da`neil 10 years ago

    intrigued with wonderment…

  3. brian young 9 years ago

    visions of earth, very very nice images….another beautiful earth queen…great work

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