Erica at Oh! My Nappy Hair Salon was so supportive. I’d walked into her salon one day and was thoroughly impressed by the eclectic old world artistry and ornate intimate feel that was reminiscent of traditional family home with its dark hard wood floors and antique vanity dressers at each station. Richly colored walls are adorned with a variety of African-American artworks and the shop is decorated with small original hand-carved sculptures of various inspirations of the Oh! My Nappy Hair icon. So, simply entering the shop is an engrossing experience.

And then there was Ifasgift. Her lovely natural locs, cute dimples and beautiful dark skin were just a few elements of her outer beauty that I found striking. The thoughtful poet has been the muse of many an artist or photographer. And when I approached her about creating some captures together, I felt blessed by her affirmation.

So one morning Erica, Ifasgift and I came together to create a few captures. What do you think?

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  1. AfroerotiK 10 years ago

    Hey, I know Erica. I love Oh!My. Great images and lovely model.

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