-Beautiful: Delighting The Senses Or Exciting Intellectual Or Emotional Admiration .

-Disaster: A Grave Misfortune.

Well, I Pretty Much Think These Words Describe Me. I`m A Big Ball Of Energy, That Feeds Of The Earths Energy. I Love To Soak Up The Rays Of The Sun In The Morning, But Then Again At Night…I Can Be Myself. I Feel As If I Was Born To Do Something Much More Than I`m Digging For. I`m Very Talented And I Can Do Things That A lot Of Others Can’t. I Like To Explore, And Create New Things. I Love Fashion, And Photography. But At The End Of The Day, I Love Being Naked. I Mean, That’s The Way Its Supposed To Be Right? Well, Any-who…I’m Mia, And I Love The Way People Judge Me Before They Even Say Two Simple Words, As To “Hi There…” They Think I`m This Stuck-Up, Arrogant..Mean Bitch (LOL)..Which I`m Not…I`m The Sweetest Thing Since Sugar And I Bet If You Spent One Day With Me, I`d Change Your Whole Look Upon Life. The End Whores !


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  1. remy da`neil 10 years ago

    adventure your imagination…

  2. Kirei Na 10 years ago

    That was sooooo much fun!! Great job girly! You are gorgeous!! Hmmmm… If I ONLY had a camera on my phone…

  3. Michael Miguel 9 years ago


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