It is a fabulous weekend of inspired celebration in the ATL!

I know we tend to focus on the activities and events in the Atlanta area A LOT. You may (or may not) know that Atlanta is the birthplace of the Pangea’s Garden concept and while the idea is ubiquitous, most of it current contributors and cultivators are based here. And the events and gatherings that we participate in (and/or have been inspired by) are born here.

The “festival season” of the ATL (which got its unofficial start with the Sweet Auburn Fest last week,) proceeds with the upcoming Malcolm X Festival on Saturday. It is the 22nd annual celebration of this great man’s contribution. It encompasses performances of various artists, African dance & drums, food and much more.

On Sunday the earthSistas of For Real Tho! share their passions with us in acts of celebration. BlaqButtaphly invites all to an Ancestor Celebration. Its starts at 11 am at Sweetwater Creek Park in Lithia Springs GA. The event is sponsored the Keepers of the Way, a collaboration of families of African traditional practitioners who have come together. The mission of the event is to unite all members of the African Diaspora in the celebration of the life and legacy of our Ancestors.

Early Sunday evening, MoreEssense and SHE launch their first production: “Rocky Canvas” Paint To The Beat Edition. Guest will experience the birth of artistic visions by creatives inspired by the music and people around them.

Events like these have inspired me since my early days in the ATL. I am a child of the South and there are many influences on my perspectives here in the Garden that pre- and post-date my years in Georgia, but it was here where my ideas coalesced and made sense. It is Atlanta where I continue to be inspired. But I know its not just Atlanta.

Far too often, I hear from the patrons and cultivators of this site that there aren’t any opportunities for them to participate in the events like the ones I’ve mentioned here but I have a hard time accepting this. I’ve seen too many great works of art and dance and photography and design and fashion and glamour HERE in The Pangea’s Garden Project to believe this to be true. I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED by the works of creatives in New Orleans and Tuscaloosa, Coco Beach and Chattanooga, Charlotte and Chicago, New York and Philadelphia, DC and Savannah to name a few.

Is greatness born in a vacuum in these places? Of course not.

So where do y’all find your inspiration?

In the places I’ve mentioned as well as the places I did not.

And what are the events and gatherings that inspire you?

Tell us about the one you attend as well as the ones you wish to.

What inspires you?

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