Handmade necklaces were scattered along the nature trail in various places along the stroll and the concept was to leave what you had before for a something better along your journey. It was a little deep and a bit of a stretch but we were experimenting with new ways of approaching the Nature Stroll Series. I came up with the idea with earthSista Serene in mind and she (always anxious to try something different) agreed to participate.

The beautiful baubles, provided by Nobella Creations, stylishly represented the rewards of liberation. The strands of fabric in which Serene was draped symbolized the layers of social and sexual conventions and restrictions that have held her down in the past. But as she embraces the liberation of mind, body and spirit, the layers are stripped away and offered in trade for the creations representing Serene’s new found freedoms.


Serene… the liberated earthSista on her Nature Stroll in Pangea’s Garden.

  1. Sepia 8 years ago

    Love the concept! Great images from both the photog and model! Serene certainly lives up to her name with her beauty. 🙂

  2. lonnell bivins 8 years ago


  3. Meilani Blue 8 years ago

    the model is absolute perfection…the photographer captures her beauty so very eloquently…..

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