I am almost over the sexual lust & control i crave from u
Who knew that i would grow to possibly surpass my nympho-ism
Sum people listening that think they know me, would probably disagree with great optimism
But what is happening is a true transformation
My quest for self knowledge leads me to a magnificent destination
With ur guidance and the most highs’ persistance i search for self
Tho all this must take place rather hastily i overstand because too many of us are trapped on a religion shelf

I feel a mission forming itself before me and i can’t afford for
my vision to be blurry
My people are mentally dead at the wheel of their existance … So surely
Myself amongst others are here to steer them towards the green light
Advise them to turn off the t.v 8 o’clock at night, walk a way and search for sum insight, question amongst a billion other things
Why we even have to pay for light.
I digress ….. No i can’t afford to .. I must push forward with swiftness to acquire all that is right & true about me, so i can be
A bearer of news and share it with we

I’m sorry i was talking to u about my fast from sex this month, papi i luv u and tho u express god from ur soul, u are still mortal man in a shell
And it is that part of u i am trying to repel. Until i can make it clear to you that sex with me and any other queen u desire in ur circle can be of
A healing nature to cure what ails you without ejaculation. Show u that when u penetrate deeply alternating 5 shallow strokes then 8 deep strokes repeatedly can help prevent ailments & increase virility
Or if u do 6 shallow strokes for every 9 deep strokes is good for curing aches & pains of the body which result from strenuous work. These are sum of the things i want to excerpt.

There is so much sexually that we haven’t explored, not just the gift of pleasure which the most high gave us and we have fully endured.

But right now i think we can wait,
While you implant the seeds of knowledge & i hastily open my minds seed plotting gate.

So again.. I luv u, i’m not going anywhere, u have too much food to feed
My brain and i’m ready to eat. Im just fasting … Sexually




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