Leon of Leon Photo Werks is a thoughtful visionary. A Brooklyn based photographer Leon’s work spans more than 15 years and his vision is one of the inspirations for the Project. Leon’s works depict the wide array of technique and styles that he brings to his creations. Distinctive, impeccable, professional and thoughtful are all traits that are admirable in his works. Leon is meticulous in his efforts and daring in his endeavors. He got his start doing weddings and while his portfolio now includes fashion, editorial and even commercial work, its his art that is the focus of this set of images. His thoughtfulness is displayed in the elegance, boldness and fragility of his works. Some of the works bold and provocative, some are creative passionate portraits and some employ a nostalgic tenderness. All are engaging and reflect his insight.

To see more of his work you can go here and here.

  1. Kirei Na 11 years ago

    Absolutely Beautiful images!! Bravo!

  2. SHE 11 years ago

    His images are inspiring.

  3. pete sali 10 years ago

    very cool…..
    sorry i meant,
    very very cool.

  4. Joel Burton 10 years ago

    Beautiful images! Wonderful work!

  5. […] we wrote that his creations were ‘distinctive, impeccable, professional and thoughtful.’ There is an intensity and a fragility in his works that are his unique signature. And while he did […]

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