I found Pantherimage’s works to be the definition of striking and provocative and include a sampling of one of his sets here. You can see the works I found here along with his statement on his works that I’ve included in this entry…

“AFROCHIC concept developed and created by PANTHERIMAGE as a tribute to black models throughout the world. I just love the way the black skin shines under the spot light , i just luv the way my sisters pose with such sensuality and beauty. Each shooting session is a new poem…
Peace to all.”

“My name is Shakazz and i’m an African photographer based in France.
Check www.afrochic.book.fr

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  1. […] African iconography into fashion, glamour and artistic photography of people and form. This is his second appearance in the Project, and as he continues to create these great images, I am sure it will not be his last. Check out his […]

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