While all of our features are for everyone, this one is a special note for the artists and photographers who partake in the experiences we have every 2nd Monday (tonight!) at the Apache Cafe in Atlanta. There’s an ambiance in the place; a play of light and shadow that works with the location’s decor to create truly unique backdrops for potentially extraordinary images. Because of the low light many photographers use their flashes to create extraordinary images of color and form but they miss the opportunity to use the shadows to create captures filled with emotion and drama. Everyone also seem to focus on the podium and the stage, missing chances they could have taken on the back deck or outside against the wall murals.


These are a few images that give a hint to the potential moments available to all of us when we are here. They are captures from features  both past and future here in the Garden.  This is just what I have done so it’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can do. We just have to go for it.


So if you come out tonight and you are creating captures. make sure to step outside your comfort zone. Check out the back deck and the back room for potential backdrops. Use the mural and the street outside if you can. This is not a place or time to be timid. This is an opportunity to stretch out and experiment with ideas that are outside your box. Oh and while you’re here, try our new signature drink: THE PANGI!



Join us TONIGHT! The earthSistas will be adorned in jewels by LA’s Creative Creations!


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