a movie review by WildOrchid

50Shades03Because people have forgotten the importance of picking up, opening and reading a book, we have hoes like Lisa Wilkinson http://news.distractify.com/matt-buco/50-shades-movie-review/) and other non-bookworms judging books based on the visual media. I am here to tell you to shut the fuck up and read the damn trilogy.

Did the book represent BDSM appropriation?
Yes it did.

I have researched and participated in plenty of fetishes falling under Bondage Discipline-Sadism and Submissive-Masochism. And as a practicing Dom, I have given this book a thumbs up.

But the book isn’t a romance, there are people comparing the protagonists’ relationship as abuse (http://www.mamamia.com.au/wellbeing/fifty-shades-of-grey-is-actually-physical-assault/).


50ShadesWildOrchidYou are damn fucking right Christian Grey is a control freak. Did you read the damn books? Do you know why? Do you know what other movie us like this? I’ll give you three chances: (1) You seen it when you were little. (2) You probably know all the damn songs. (3) Your children are probably waiting to meet the protagonists in person. Give up? It’s Beauty and the motherfucking Beast.

Did you, Wild Orchid, have at least one negative opinion on the movie?
I did. It was the casting director who picked my Christian Grey. I really hope they find a better one. I truly do. Because he isn’t what I pictured. But at the same time, Jamie D. has brought my character to life. And did him good. Thanks buddy.

(Fifty Shades of WildOrchid image by photographer Bobby Williams of WillowBMedia)


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