Erikka, the Earth Angel

My good friend had a sample from a company selling natural pregnancy and birthing products. Their slogan was : Earth mama, Angel baby. I combined the two and Earth Angel was born. It seemed fitting.

I wanted to be a supermodel. I love the camera and the camera loves me. Even as a child, my mother tells me.

The types of images I felt I needed to produce were run-of-the-mill, everyone has done it poses. Like almost every girl, I wanted to be in magazines, be seen as sexy and exotic but my wonderful photogs had another vision for me. I have learned so much poise, grace and humility. Modeling doesn’t always have to be pretty! I must admit, I was very surprised at what the persons I have worked with had brought out of me. i still gaze at some of my images like “Who is that woman? Wow, that’s me!”

I wasn’t always as comfortable in my skin. I still to this day struggle with being colored but I am working on it. There was one photographer in general who guided me in appreciating my beauty, DaNeil (Buttermilk Sunday). He and I collaborated on art and I thought these were just pictures.

I enjoy poetry and prose. I am published in a many lyrical dexterity. My type of music is Jazz and Neo-soul. I write all of my own lyrics and I also Rap. My music is as dynamic and eclectic as my photos

My plans are to finish school, pursue my music and create more magick in front of the lens! If one would like to know what’s happening with me, one can reach out via Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

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  1. Sepia 9 years ago

    This lady is definitely doing big things. What a beauty! Thank you Errika for sharing! 🙂

  2. remy da`neil 9 years ago

    let me tell you. working with errika in 2005 was a story to manifest to be continued…

  3. remy da`neil 9 years ago

    plus seeing her in these images make me miss detroit again.

  4. Tyrone Cunningham 9 years ago

    A beautiful sensual mouth. photos #1-15-18

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